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TEL:+86-0752 - 3220212

About Us


+86-0752 - 3220212

Room 01, building 21, hing fat commercial building, 9 cigarette factory street, mong kok, hong kong


Being an innovative company, we consistently explore new idea and methods, pursue advanced technology and more reliable quality management system, continuously improve product, process, technology and management. 


Based on cooperation and driven by the interests and goal of BST Electronic, we produce power supply with excellent quality, through effective communication and cooperation among our employee with distributors and suppliers.


Every BST Electronic member has the responsibility to make our company better. We take the customer satisfactio
n as priority, continuously improve our capability, contribute to the development of the technology and power supply industry.   

Enhancing the sense of execution, defining clear goals, having awareness and a positive attitude in order to implement the strategic plan effectively and efficiently.



We strive to achieve co-development through mutual recognition between company and employee and to win the trust from the public.

Guangdong Office: No.406, Jinhui Building, Chenjiang Middle Street, Zhongkai Hi-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Factory 1: NO.5, Road 3, Qiaotou Primary School, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

Factory 2: Tianfu Industrial Park, Qinlan Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, China.

天堂AV 国产 亚洲 日韩 制服